We survived our tear of Ireland and the UK in one piece (er…five) and would sincerely like to thank the lovely folks over the pond who waved and smiled as we drove by on the wrong side of the road, and of course those who showed us some great hospitality. Particular thanks go out to Sarah Jane Murphy, Mickey Quase and the NS Culture Division crew, Lisa Whytock and the Active Events staff, Jade Hewat and the good folks at Celtic Connections, Shain Shapiro of CIMA, Donna MacKenzie of ECBC and Jen Pino & Albert Lionais of CBMIC who put on the Cape Breton Sound Tour. We caught up with some old friends, met some new ones, and heard some awesome tunes. Can’t wait to go back. We’re gonna get right on this.

We’ll post some pictures of our adventures on Facebook or here on the site as soon as we can.